What is Not Knowing Leadership?

How can you not know something and still dare to move ahead? The ability to competently deal with the unknown is perhaps THE relevant leadership competence of the future

Growing complexity inevitably goes hand in hand with not knowing. Take advantage of this: stop relying solely on your expertise as a leader, and use the Not Knowing Leadership Method to develop a unique and proficient relationship with the unknown.

Leading through Not Knowing

You are called upon to do something new in the field of leadership and leadership and to venture into an unknown no man's land. There are no precedents here and with the traditional questions you will not find any answers here. Your trust and competence are scrutinised daily.

On the edge of the unknown, it can sometimes be very uncomfortable for us. From a neurological point of view, we prefer to avoid such situations because we feel most comfortable in the familiar - and the unknown can trigger insecurity, anger, fear and defense mechanisms. 

How about you expand your mindset in such a way that you can spontaneously see the unknown as a chance?

Problem 1: Learning and developing are not the same

When dealing with complexity and uncertainty, you as a manager must acquire new skills as quickly as possible. You learn to use agile techniques or tools. So far so good.

Problem: Especially under pressure you will probably tend to fall back into old patterns of thinking and behavior. Because the pure learning of new skills does not mean that you have developed!

The need to change and improve is often misunderstood as the need to better "cope" with the greater complexity of the world. Indeed, mastering involves adding new skills or expanding the repertoire of behaviors.

Problem: You remain the same person you were before you learned how to handle it.

You have simply added some new skills.

Problem 2: War for talents

Executives who for example respond to the 'War for Talents' exclusively by searching 'out there' create serious disadvantages for themselves and their organizations.

This strategy will not work in the future because the number of suitable applicants is limited. And if nothing changes in your overall attractiveness as an employer, you will simply not attract the employees you need.

Problem 3: More unknown variables than ever before

The increasing unpredictability of your tasks indicates that you, as a leader, have to deal with so-called "unknowns", ie unknown variables. still, you need to make decisions of relevance on issues where no one has ever found a solution before.
The ability to competently deal with the unknown is perhaps THE relevant leadership competence of the future.

The Not Knowing Leadership method

What will make your leadership different and successful in the future?

Not Knowing Leadership empowers you to truly develop and not waste time just learning new things. 

Together we transform your understanding and your relationship to ignorance. Ignorance turns from anxious weakness and ignorance into a sought-after and necessary skill that you feel comfortable with and work with to continue to be successful in the future.

Everybody said it will not work. Then someone came who did not know that - and did it.

Become the leader you always wanted to be.

Inspire your team and transform the entire corporate culture.

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