Marion's story

"Tat tvam asi. This is you. Recognize yourself. "

Marion Guérin works as a passionate Master Executive Coach with decision-makers, because her own responsibility is very important to her.

She works with decision makers on their own personal development, on the transformation of their teams and their entire company.

She loves to pinpoint the exact needs and needs of her customers, pick them up right there and guide them on their way to their self-appointed goals. And often beyond.

Marion, you have lived an agile life! "

A managing director from the automotive industry told Marion some time ago when he heard her life story.

An agile and heartfelt way of living. That sums it up.

Why does Marion do what she does?

In her childhood hung in the living room the handwritten by her mother Sanskrit quote: "Tat tvam asi", This means something like: "Recognize yourself", This sentence has become the foundation of their own development. The most important insights for Marion are firstly: change is normal - permanence is the exception. Second, my own dissatisfaction is an invitation to change. Third, self-responsibility means being able to lead myself. Fourth, the effect of my way of leading is a direct reflection of my personal development.

Marion's conclusion: I am the creator of my own reality.

  • In her first profession trained actress Not only did she learn to touch and move people emotionally, but at the same time to move them Focus on the essentials.
  • In her second profession as therapist she learned Backgrounds of human motives recognize and people to accompany on the way of your self-healing.
  • In her job today as international management coach and senior consultant accompanies people in responsible positions, to do what they are capable of doing.


How does Marion manage to use these insights for executives?

She puts her finger on "the wound" benevolently and uncomfortably ... makes uncomfortable questions that hit the mark. Presents thought models to expose problems as constructs. It invites a change of perspective to expand options for action and to generate freedom of choice. She intuitively pulls the right 'registers' out of her many years of experience as a master coach and leadership expert. She cleverly 'provokes' the clarity required for her clients through coaching, as well as the courage and determination to implement the insights gained on her own responsibility.

A management diagnostics expert who participated in Marion's Business Coaching training gave her the feedback: "Marion, you are Mrs. Herzblut for me."

The combination of her life experience, various occupations, and more than 10 years of coaching and leadership advocacy experience has helped MarionImpact Method "Not-Knowing-Leadership" for managers and companies to develop.

Marion lives with her partner in Bremen, has a 21 year old son, practices yoga and meditation. She loves deep listening, talking with depth - and when people show up with what is.

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