RELEAD.. The end of know­ing leadership

In order to survive in uncertain and complex times, we must - sometimes uncomfortably - turn to the unknown instead of fleeing from it. We can develop a unique relationship with not knowing and thereby discover a new way of living and leading in our modern world.

"RELEAD.The end of knowing leadership " shows you how, with the help of the Not Knowing Leadership method, you can now competently and confidently deal with the unknown. 

We have captured the essence of state-of-the-art approaches and, after years of testing with countless customers, developed a unique transformation process for you to not only solve your highly complex problems, but also to take the most important development step for you and your company that is currently pending.

Companies that have already rethought leadership

Das sagen begeisterte Kunden über Not Know­ing Leadership

"In applying what I had learned, I moved into a completely new terrain, which initially made me feel insecure. But the experiences were always positive and opened a horizon for me that I would certainly not have discovered without Marion. A really great and very motivating feeling, which I don't want to miss anymore".
Michael Schmitz
Part­ner bei Cassini Consult­ing GmbH
“Frau Guérin hat mir Mut gemacht und verdeut­licht, dass ich meinen eigenen Weg als Führung­skraft gehen muss, um gut führen zu können. Durch sehr intens­ives Aus-einander-setzen mit meinen Baus­tel­len und inneren Wider­sprüchen, dem Aufs­tel­len eines Spiegels vor meinen Themen und dem humor­vol­len „Finger in die Wunde legen“ bin ich viele Schritte in meiner persön­lichen Entwicklung vorangekommen.
Viola Pleines
Head of department for work preparation and logistics at LLOYD Shoes
"Both the attitude and the approach were worth gold for me! From the first building block, I experienced a space in which I was able to devote myself fully to learning through my own experience. I can only recommend to everyone to go with Marion Guérin to find out more about themselves and the ingredients for their happiness in life. "
Mathias Warstat
Divisional manager at tecis financial services AG
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