Raquel Ark

Executive and Group Coach & facilitator

"Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force. The friends who listen to us are the ones we move toward. When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand. "

(Karl A. Menniger)

About Raquel Ark

  • Born 1972
  • Nationality: Germany /United States
  • Residence: Solingen/ Germany
  • Field of work: National / International
  • Languages: English / German / Spanish

Areas of expertise

  • interpersonal & Organizational Communication

  • Listening

  • Communication and Team Collaboration

  • Leadership & Communication Coaching

  • Transformational Leadership & Visioning

  • Leadership Journeys & storytelling

  • Human Potential Assessment

  • Theory U Mindset and Practice

  • Presentation Coaching

A few ways I can help you

  • You are considered "successful" and have experienced a lot, but there is something nagging deep inside and you want to get clear about your direction.
  • Your team wants to be successful and help each others, but they really do not know how.
  • In your leadership position, you want to feel better and more positive impact.
  • You want a toolbox to help you focus better as well as work well with those people around you.
  • You or your team have a bold idea but you need an objective and curious person to list and brainstorm with you.

Education and training

  • Bachelor of Science and MSc in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication (Ohio University, United States)
  • Certified Professional Coach (International Coach Academy /ICF)
  • Transformational Presence Leadership Coaching TPLC (Alan Seale /ICF)
  • Certified Human Potential Coach (Being at Full Potential)
  • Theory U: Transforming Business, Society and Self (WITH)
  • Leading & Coaching Across Cultures (Phillippe Rosinski)
  • Medical Massage Therapist (LMT, Ohio Medical Board certified)


  • Communication consulting

  • Leadership positions in the health & chemical industry with a focus on external communication, communication coaching.

  • University instructor in both Germany and United States teaching classes such as communication, leadership, public speaking, negotiation, decision making

  • Virtual and face to face coach and facilitator

  • Board or council member positions in different Organizations.

  • Forever student, loves helping people discover their journeys, spending time in nature, is passionate about the importance of listening

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