diagnostics OCI - Organizational Culture Inventory

"The OCI is the world's most popular questionnaire for developing corporate culture. "

The Organizational Culture Inventory® (OCI®) is the most widely used and intensively researched tool in the world in terms of corporate culture inventory

The OCI goes beyond corporate culture and workplace culture because it measures cultural dimensions that are applicable to all types of organizations. 

The OCI®, product of more than 20 years of research, uses the latest survey methods and measures the characteristics of the corporate culture in close connection with the behavior and performance of the employees. It reveals from the point of view of the employees the collective perceived expectation of the organization to its employees and how these behavioral norms affect their commitment and their effectiveness. Ultimately, it offers an incomparable basis for the constructive change in the organizational culture. 

The Organizational Culture Inventory is a product from Human Synergistics International.


Develop your organizational culture to a real competitive advantage

  • Get reliable data about the behavioral norms of the organization and / or its subunits
  • The OCI can be applied in a group or on an individual basis
  • Show the concrete need for cultural change to stakeholders and participants
  • Identify the specific areas that need to be developed

The Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI) is suitable for companies of all sizes and industries, and provides an assessment of the current culture in terms of the behaviors that employees believe: "That's how I have to act in order to fit in with the company and meet expectations."


Your added value

  • Dependence on culture and leadership becomes clear
  • Identify areas of action with maximum leverage
  • Measure the effectiveness of your organization
  • It helps to signal and/or confirm the need for cultural transformation
  • Defining wish culture together
  • Action plans for cultural change at individual and organizational level 
  • signal the need for cultural transformation
  • Improvement of already running programs, eg strategy implementation and employee engagement
  • Barriers (or catalysts) for agility and innovation
  • Simplifying business combinations
  • Evaluate change efforts and measure progress (before / after analysis)

The scientific evaluation in combination with our experience helps you to set clearly defined problems with maximum leverage.

Not Knowing Leadership
Cultural diagnostics to measure organizational effectiveness OCI

Goal: You get clarity about the current state of your organizational culture. They recognize favorable and unfavorable factors and together develop a picture of the desired culture.

Contents: Clarification interview for tailor-made approach with decision makers. Information about the course and mode of action of the OCI, Planning, implementation, evaluation, perform measures and regularly evaluate.


  • To get to know & Establish trust
  • Clarification interview: what is it OCI and how does he work?
  • Include process and relevant stakeholders
  • execution
  • evaluation interviews
  • Measures at individual and organizational level
  • Regular evaluation


What does the ideal picture of your corporate culture look like? How would you recognize that you are on the way there?

Become the leader you always wanted to be.

Inspire your team and transform the entire corporate culture.

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