Exec­ut­ive Coach­ing für Führungskräfte

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. " 

"What is the secret to being an exceptional coach? "We are asked. "Exceptional customers," is Marion's answer.

As coaches, we sincerely dedicate ourselves to our goal of making a significant contribution to the lives of others. In doing so, we set a high bar for both us and our customers. We only work with dedicated clients and build deep, meaningful relationships with them that lead to extraordinary results.

Both sides are decisive. We show you what you can not see yourself and speak what no one else dares to say. And in such a way that it arrives with you. To want to hear this from us makes you an exceptional customer in our eyes. 

We help you to see your world differently because as we do so, your world changes and you begin to get results that seemed impossible a moment ago.

Wir hinter­fra­gen, wie Sie die Welt sehen. 

Unser Job ist es, einen Lösung­s­raum zu schaf­fen, in dem die Trans­form­a­tion eine Chance hat, zu geschehen. Sie bestim­men selbst das Ausmaß Ihres Engagements. 

Security is the enemy of success. Be proud of your mistakes. Take a risk. Fail in a spectacular way. And then you go out and fail even more. It is normal for you to feel uncomfortable from time to time to grow. Because self-confidence is not requirementfor action. Self-confidence is that Resultof action. 

Worum geht’s im Exec­ut­ive Coach­ing? Sie …

  • get to know the effects of their leadership style
  • erarbeiten, was Sie konkret tun können, um ihren Verant­wor­tungs­bereich positiv zu beeinflussen
  • wenden die Not Know­ing Lead­er­ship Prin­zipien auf Ihre Heraus­for­der­ungen an und entwick­eln ein effekt­ives Mindset
  • entdecken unbe­wusste Denk- und Handlungsmuster 
  • erweit­ern Ihre emotionale Intelligenz 
  • practice the change of perspective and deepen your empathy ability for everyday use
  • iden­ti­fiz­ieren die wichtig­sten Hebel, um Ihre Entwicklung und das Entfal­ten ihres vollen Poten­zi­als zu ermöglichen
  • bereiten sich proaktiv auf den näch­sten Schritt in ihrer Karri­ere vor
  • Plan exactly the steps it takes to become the leader you want to be
  • setzen diese Schritte konsequent und mit kraft­voller Beglei­tung in Ihrem Leben um
  • schaf­fen effekt­ive Ergebnisse
  • systematically gain awareness and deeper self-confidence

The development process can be accompanied and made measurable by comprehensive diagnostics:

  • Leadership personality Hogan Assess­ment oder Life­style Inventory 
  • Leadership Styles (XLNC/ Situational leadership approach)
  • 360° feedback instruments
  • Tief­en­in­ter­views mit Kollegen
  • persön­liches Feedback
  • Erstel­lung von Entwicklungsplänen
  • laufende Coach­ing-Sitzun­gen zum Kapazitätsaufbau
  • die Neube­w­er­tung der Forts­ch­ritte bei der Erreichung der Ziele

Coach­ing Paket 1: Lösungsor­i­entiertes Intensivcoaching

Goal: You want to prepare for a soon-to-be-discussed conversation or a challenging situation. Already IN THE Coaching you learn and rehearse exactly THE Confident communication skills you need and skillfully use to master your challenge in conversation.

Content: An intense and highly concentrated process that gets you to the point quickly. Which topic? What is the goal? And what exactly is the gap between what it is and what it should be like? What do you actually influence? Which mindset do you need for this? Only then do you focus in intensive coaching in these sessions 90-120 minutes with a Master Coach. 


  • Which topic?
  • Which goal?
  • Was ist der Gap?
  • What is your influence?
  • Which mindset do you need?
  • Welche Ressourcen brin­gen Sie mit?
  • Learning concrete options for action & rehearse
  • Optional: a seminar actor challenges you
  • transfer assurance
  • Inklus­ive Vorge­spräch und Foto- bzw. ggf. Videodokumentation

Coaching Package 2:
Exklus­ives Transformationscoaching

Goal: You want someone on your side to help you reach your big goals effectively. As a leader, you want to become even more effective. You want to communicate your way of communicating, dealing with conflicts and making decisions, questioning them in depth and trying new things.

Content: ein intens­iver und exklus­iver Prozess, damit Sie endlich konsequent das ange­hen, was Sie schon längst wollen. Sie behal­ten Ihr Ziel über die Dauer eines Jahres trotz aller Ablen­kun­gen des Alltags voll im Fokus, probieren gezielt neues Verhal­ten aus, scheit­ern, reflektieren, scheit­ern besser.… um am Ende nicht nur Ihr Ziel zu erreichen, sondern auf dem Weg dorthin eine gere­iftere Persön­lich­keit geworden zu sein.


  • Two times a day intensive coaching (face-2-face)
  • Two times half a day intensive coaching (face-2-face)
  • Three times two hours coaching (virtual)
  • Lead­er­ship Diagnostik und indi­vidu­elle Auswertung
  • Persön­licher Entwicklungsplan
  • Rehearse concrete action steps
  • performance indicators
  • personality Assessment & Evaluation interview (face-2-face)
  • Experiments for everyday life
  • Auswer­tung, Feed­back, Reflexion

"Our board can tell you something, Marion. "

Today I got an email from a customer who would like to recommend me for a coaching with a colleague from the board level. She immediately thought of me when looking for a 'perfect' coach for this gentleman who was a general counsel & Chief Compliance Officer heads a worldwide team of 50 employees.

What made you think I was the 'perfect' coach for him?  Here is her answer: Here is your answer:

"O. ist sehr anspruchs­voll und nicht ganz einfach als Mensch. Er ist Mitte 40, sehr, sehr erfahren und hat eine sehr expo­nierte Posi­tion im Unterneh­men. Er ist quasi auf Vorstandsebene.

However, he lacks exactly the qualities he would need to actually get to the board level. Therefore, his colleagues from the board have recommended a coaching to him.

O. manages a huge organization with 50 employees worldwide. He is the link between the Supervisory Board and the Executive Board and an absolute specialist. And at the same time he lacks any empathy. Es gibt Kritik an seiner Art zu führen, das Zwis­chen­mensch­liche fehlt ihm, er ist zu wenig einfühl­sam und wisse daher manch­mal gar nicht, worum „es wirk­lich geht“.

The board had developed a development plan for O. as part of a Talent Review and suggested that he work on his development topics with the help of a coach.

The three-member board misses O.'s kind of sensitivity. Also, O. can only give feedback from very, very few people or only accept it from very few. So far only from the board. "

The assumption is that O. is only willing to accept feedback from people who are educated, have a lot of experience and are both-in-life.

"He would tell you something about you, Marion. He would at least see you at eye level or even look up to you. We thought a female coach would be right for his development issues. We also wondered if he would let a woman say something. We - my colleague and I - have met you, Marion, yes and knew the same and completely independent of each other: yes, from Marion he can say something. And that is very, very important for the success of coaching at this level.

O's team - most of them lawyers themselves - have come to terms with their way of life. They say, 'I like his cool style'. However, O. brings along a lot of potential, that noch brach liegt. Und genau dieses Poten­tial gilt es für O. zu erschließen, unter anderem damit er für die Vorstand­s­pos­i­tion in Frage kommt.“

Wir sprechen aus, was Ihnen sonst keiner zu sagen wagt.

Werden Sie zu der Führung­sper­sön­lich­keit, die Sie immer sein wollten.

Begeistern Sie Ihr Team und trans­formieren Sie die gesamte Unternehmenskultur.

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