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Hogan Assessments

Hogan Assess­ments gehören zu den meist genutzten und inter­na­tional anerkan­nten Persön­lich­keits­ver­fahren für Führung­skräfte und bei der Personalauswahl.

Hogan Assessment

Auswahl, Einsch­ätzung und Entwicklung von Führung­skräften sowie strategis­che Selb­ster­ken­nt­nis mit Hogan Assessments.

Hogan assessments have been used on the market for more than 30 years, constantly evolving and refined. The procedures are recognized worldwide, based on extensive research, and both the tests and the result reports sind in mehr als 40 Sprac­hen verfügbar.

HOGAN predicts performance

Hogan assessments are one of the most widely used and internationally recognized personality processes for executives and in personnel selection. Hogan assessments help in the area of development, to understand oneself better and above all to recognize how certain behaviors come about and why they are sometimes counterproductive. The evaluations show concrete development opportunities This enables better self-control and adaptation of behavior possible in the respective situations or in relation to other peopleIn the area of selection, Hogan Assessments support the Predictability of job fit and performance on the job.

Hinter­gründe der Hogan Assessments

The assessments are each compiled using a comprehensive online questionnaire. For the online administration the participant receives an individual, protected access. The implementation of the individual assessments takes about 20-30 minutes. The questions are not intrusive, invasive or discriminatory. The evaluations are standardized to several thousand people worldwide and validated in more than one hundred companies and occupations.

Das Verfahren ist wissenschaft­lich fundiert und misst drei Seiten der Persönlichkeit:

  • Potentials (HPI)
  • Risks (HDS)
  • Values (MVPI)

In order to be able to promote the strengths of an employee, you first have to get to know them. It applies - in addition to the hidden potentials- also the hidden risks to recognize early. The HOGAN Lead's personality process examines all parameters that help to optimally select, evaluate and then promote employees.

Werden Sie zu der Führung­sper­sön­lich­keit, die Sie immer sein wollten.

Begeistern Sie Ihr Team und trans­formieren Sie die gesamte Unternehmenskultur.

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