Not Knowing Leadership for Leadership Teams

"The worst leaders are those who are despised by people. A good leader is the one people admire. The best leaders are those who make people say, "We did it ourselves."

Lao Tzu

What do the most talented employees need from their workplace?

The results of a famous Gallup study show that you need great leaders first and foremost.

The talented employee first joins the company because of its name or brand, generous contributions, or first-rate training programs.

But how long this employee REMAINS and how PRODUCTIVE He, meanwhile, is determined primarily by the relationship with his immediate superior.

The only way to sustainable success

The only way to gain competitive advantage and long-term profitability is to attract, develop and retain talented people, regardless of the industry or the nature of your business.

And talented employees need conscious executives who know how to develop their entire commitment to corporate goals. These leaders are tasked with creating an environment that attracts, keeps and develops talented and committed junior and management talent.

Thus, one of the main tasks of top management is to fill the company with conscious executives. To win this for the company means for each member of the top management team to exercise their own conscious leadership and to embody it.

What do we mean by that?

Conscious managers .... ...

  • take full responsibility for their situation and their response options
  • they do not compromise human values for material success
  • they speak their truth
  • they are honest and respectful when others formulate their truths
  • they are looking for creative solutions to disagreements
  • they fulfill their promises impeccably
  • they are in contact with their emotions
  • they express emotions productively

The Not Knowing Leadership Method for executive teams

The best leaders are those who make people say, 'We did it ourselves'.

Become the leader you always wanted to be.

Inspire your team and transform the entire corporate culture.

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