Feedback from the participants of the business coaching training

This is what the 10 participants of the Business Coaching Training 2017/18 say about their work with Marion Guérin:

"Thank you, dear Marion,

for educational, inspiring, life-changing, connecting and absolutely unforgettable nine months coaching training! Not only did you teach us a lot, you taught us, you fooled us, you astonished us, you encouraged us, you gave us very differentiated feedback, you went into conflict with us and at the same time showed yourself to be human.

You have made yourself vulnerable, shared your feelings with us, challenged and encouraged us; with dedication, creativity and love - everything at the highest level prepared and also prepared.

With your charismatic and at the same time highly reflective nature and your personality, you have brought coaching to life for us at the highest level - and thus achieved much more than just "conveying" valuable tools and questioning techniques and theory. "

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