We expand conscious­ness of lead­ers so they trans­form them­selves, their teams and their organ­iz­a­tions to be a force for good on this planet

We help executives, leaders, teams and organizations master complexity with Not Knowing to be an adaptive pioneer of transformation.

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Organizations need to unlock the potential of their employees to remain viable. But to do this, leadership must be fundamentally rethought. This transformation must begin in the minds of the leaders.

The 'Not Knowing Leadership' method allows leadership from the attitude of not-knowing, participation and discovery. This new mindset empowers leaders to transform themselves, their employees and the company.

Leaders develop a new source of inner security and make decisions in alignment with themselves, their employees, and the company's vision.

Marion Guérin

Founder of Not Knowing Leadership

Not Knowing as the key to your success.
The 3 Pillars of Not Knowing Leadership

Become the leader you always wanted to be. Inspire your team and transform the entire corporate culture.

Leadership personality

You are an effective leader when taking unconditional responsibility for your situation and your ability to respond.

Although knowledge and experience will keep you safe and secure, for great leadership you need one thing above all else - personal development. 

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The TOP management team as a role model

Hardly anything is more important for the success of a company than conscious interaction within the management team. Our method provides you with all the necessary mindsets and skills. In this way you will become a pioneer for a conscious corporate culture.

Transformation of the entire company

Not Knowing Leadership helps you go beyond what you previously understood by an organization. Together you develop into a conscious human community that shares one thing: the determination to realize a vision that transcends all individual abilities. A vision that connects people with real meaning.

Customer Experience

"In applying what I had learned, I moved into a completely new terrain, which initially made me feel insecure. But the experiences were always positive and opened a horizon for me that I would certainly not have discovered without Marion. A really great and very motivating feeling, which I don't want to miss anymore".
Michael Schmitz
Partner at Cassini Consulting GmbH
"Mrs. Guérin encouraged me and made it clear that I have to go my own way as a manager in order to be able to lead well. Through very intensive confrontation with my challenges and inner contradictions, the holding up of a mirror to recognise what my inner and outer stumbling blocks are and the humorous "finger in the wound", I have taken many steps forward in my personal development.
Viola Pleines
Head of department for work preparation and logistics at LLOYD Shoes
"Both the attitude and the approach were worth gold for me! From the first building block, I experienced a space in which I was able to devote myself fully to learning through my own experience. I can only recommend to everyone to go with Marion Guérin to find out more about themselves and the ingredients for their happiness in life. "
Mathias Warstat
Divisional manager at tecis financial services AG

Discover the Leading Mindset for yourself and your company.

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