Domi Lambregts

Senior Coach & Trai­ner

Rela­ti­ons­hips. Commu­ni­ca­tion. Coope­ra­tion.  

There is a crack in ever­ything. That is where the light gets in.”

(Leonard Cohen)

About Domi Lambregts

  • Born 1957
  • Natio­na­lity: The Nether­lands
  • Resi­dence: Amsterdam/The Nether­lands
  • Field of work: Natio­nal
  • Languages: Dutch/English

Areas of exper­tise

  • Trans­for­ma­tio­nal Leaders­hip Coaching/ trai­ning

  • Execu­tive femi­nine leaders­hip coaching (and) super­vi­sion

  • Dialo­gue trai­ning

  • Trans­per­so­nal rela­ti­ons­hip coaching

  • Trai­ning Coaching Academy

  • Mission of life-Coaching

Clients (sele­ce­tion)

  • Alba Acade­mie
  • Coaches, trai­ners (and) psycho­lo­gists
  • Higher educa­tion and Univer­si­ties
  • Musea Amster­dam
  • Radio broad­cas­ters
  • Hospi­tals
  • NOG’s Amster­dam
  • Schip­hol airport
  • Police Amster­dam
  • Banks
  • Cultu­ral sector Amster­dam
  • and many artis­tic entrepe­neurs: musicians, authors, conduc­tors, filmma­kers, film­pro­du­cers, photo­graph­ers

Educa­tion and trai­ning

  • Trai­ning Art of Hosting. Center of Human Emer­gence. The Nether­lands. Certi­fied.
  • Spiral Dyna­mics 1. Center of Human Emer­gence, the Nether­lands. Peter Merry. Certi­fied.
  • Conscious Evolu­tion. Barbara Marx Hubbard.
  • Diamond approach, Ridhwan School A.H. Almaas
  • Trai­ning for trai­ners: Systemic constel­la­tion work for couples. Phoe­nix. Certi­fied.
  • Femi­nine Power. Kathe­rine Wood­ward Thomas, Claire Zammit. Certi­fied.
  • Trai­ning for trai­ners: couple rela­ti­ons­hips. Integration Western psycho­logy, Eastern wisdom. John Welwood. Certi­fied.
  • David Deida: 15 years of study and prac­ti­cing
  • Profes­sio­nal post acade­mic 4 year trai­ning. Being-orien­ted Therapy and Coaching. School voor Zijns­ori­en­ta­tie, the Nether­lands. Hans Knibbe. Certi­fied.


  • Exten­sive Expe­ri­ence as Senior leaders­hip Coach/Trainer, since 1991. Exten­sive Experi- ence as Senior rela­ti­ons­hip Coach/Trainer, since 2001. Foun­der Holons and Holon Coaching.
  • Specia­list trai­ning ‘Flou­ris­hing rela­ti­ons­hips in orga­ni­sa­ti­ons’ for profes­sio­nal coaches, leaders and HR advi­sors in orga­ni­sa­ti­ons at Alba Acade­mie, the Nether­lands.
  • Trai­ner Alba Acade­mie for profes­sio­nal trai­ning program since 2006.
  • Career coach. Stich­t­ing Doen.
  • Train the trai­ners. Amnesty Inter­na­tio­nal
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